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Review of the Jackal Rhoads replica.

Many people have emailed me asking about this guitar, here is a quick review and some audio clips of the guitar in action.
Firts off. It sounds FANTASTIC. Secondly, it plays so nicley it has a similar inspiring quiality as my GMW polka dot replica. (Now that is saying something!!) The action was just about perfect, though I did have to raise it a little and change the configuration of the springs in the back to get a bit more upward movement from the Floyd Rose. All the hardware is of extremely good quality.

Audio clip of the Jackal using the neck pickup.

Audio clip of the Jackal using the bridge pickup.

This guitar looks stunning and the body shape is actually more accurate to Randy's original than the Jackson LTD guitars. The pinstripes on the Jackal are very accurate to Randy's although just a little untidy in some areas upon close inspection. It's not a problem for me because you have to look really closely and I'm just being really picky.

Access to the higher frets isn't as much as a problem as it looks, especially when sitting down. When I sit down with it, playing in A minor using the 17 to 20th frets is fine but similar to a Les Paul, any higher and it starts to become a bit of a problem. Playing with it standing up makes it more difficult though but that's the case with any guitar if you have it slung low like I do.

Mike was a dream to work with, so very professional and he went above and beyond the call of duty to make me happy. Take it from me, you can trust this guy like you can trust your Mom.
Contact Mike for specs and prices: jackalguitars@yahoo.com

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